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>>> Why is Authorize.Net ?

1/ Advanced Fraud Prevention

Change High Security Settings with our Advanced Fraud Detection Suit without additional cost

You’ll have 13 configurable fraud filters efficiently to detect, analyze and prevent costly fraudulent transactions








2/ Protect highly Customer information

Customer can secure their billing, payment, and shipping info on file for the next orders. Also, you can manage customer profiles and issue transactions simply from within the merchant InterFace, integrate your website.









3/ All Payment Customer Like

We accept various types of payment and make customer feel comfortable, such as: Credit Cards, Signature debit Cards, e-checks and digital payment solutions..









4/ Recurring Payments Automatically

Flexible Payment Choices with recurring payment for you, our simple recurring payment tools promote billing efficiency and protection and remove the trouble of manually re-entering billing or payment details at each transaction

5/ Account Updater

Updates Credit Card every month and Keep card information to prevent payment interruptions and lost sales

6/ Invoicing – Digital billing, Direct to Inbox

Invoicing integration offers customer a fast & secure way to make payments

>>> The Medium Price

  • All-in One Choice: $25/month

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