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1/ Generating Your Purchasings Funnel and Up-Selling Your Services

Locate your services follow your client’s objective, the Mobile Ecosystem has everything you need to create leads, take care of your prospects and drive those prospects into your customer.

2/ Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Dynamic function to increase Customer Loyalty, offers you all design control to build personalized and unlimited loyalty campaigns.

Create nice mobile coupons, loyalty cards, stored value cards, digital punch cards and more. All controlled by a customer’s Mobile wallet

3/Social Wifi Marketing- Customize efficiently Wi-Fi into An ROI

4/Mobile CMS – The fastest solution to create responsive Websites, using various features, you don’t need to worry about accessing to the most cutting edge tools in the web design industry

5/Mobile websites

Thank to the strongful growth in smartphone and mobile divice usage is extremely popular today, an advanced mobile or responsive website will help your clients connect to their customers simply.

6/NFC Tags

NFC Tags will help customers to engage real-time with a business through mobile web, phone, social media and much more, just with a tap on smartphone.

7/ Proximity Marketing

Offer right now push notifications and integrated advertise s to customers via a physical iBeacon at a business location



8/ SMS Marketing

A necessary driver to create quickly mobile campaign engagement with 2 easy method text message marketing and MMS picture/video messaging

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