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1/ E-commerce – Online

Simple-Easy to use: Great Solution for running a web store and processing credit card payments online

2/ Phone/Mail Orders

Excellent solution for  processing phone, mail, catalog and back-office credit card orders

3/ Face to face Transactions

Powerful credit card processing for retailers, restaurants and service-based merchant

4/ High-tech Solution

Website Processing : As soon as setup your account, your website will be connected automatically to our system to accept credit card payments quickly

Use your PC : allow you to use key-in transactions via our Web site. At this time, you can accept credit cards everywhere

5/  Advanced Secure Transacting

  •  Fraud Security – Detect, avoid suspicious or potential costly fraudulent transactions solution for web merchant
  • Cardholder Athentication Program : reducing liability and costs the merchant site suffered from the use of credit cards by implementing the Verified by Visa and Mastercard ® SecureCode ™ programs.
  • The address verification service (AVS):collect and check the address on your web page with the address on the credit card file at the issuing bank to secure a match.

>>> The Soft Price

  • Terminals : $4.95/month
  • Wireless    :  $9.95/month
  • Quickbook : $4.95/month
  • Gateway:    $4.95/month

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