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1/ Social Signups with 1 Click

You continue to use the dull forms until when? Today, we upgraded a new method to gather more leads from your website. Without any harmful friction One Click Social Signups, your visitors can register with only 1 Click by their Social Accounts

2/ Various Frame Forms/ Sequence Forms

Signup forms are boring when showed without understanding visitor’s psychology, they often exit your site when they view instantly signup forms in first scenery.

To Overcome that barrier, just ask them a brief question of Interest with Yes/No buttons or Display them a Easy Request or a banner.

Show your signup form on second frame, as soon as they clicked on first frame, they’ll prefer to signup on second fram form. 

3/ Fast Redirect with Subscriber Data

You can redirect subscribers as they registered on the forms along with their name, email…

While they’re landed on the direct URL, name&email will be attached that URL as Gain parameters for you gather and personalized their Experiences

4/ Precisely Synch Data from URL to forms

When your traffics are created from other automation tools such as Autoresponders, you can really add the user name on the link. Optingun will collect that name and show it on the forms, help you to design a unique for each visitor. Impress them by showing personalized form – experience and build the trust from them that boosts the chances for your business

5/ Intelligent Pre-Filling Forms

From their name&email on their devices exactly encrypted, then they will view another Optingun Form, we support them by prefilling it with their available informations. So with only 1 click for them to signup




6/ Schedule All things You want

  • Effective and Multiple Leads
  • Not Visitor Fault
  • Reduce Bounce Rate


>>> Amazing Price

  • Zero : $0/mo -5000 form views, Access basic features
  • One:  $9/mo -100000 form views/mo, all Pro Features
  • Two: $21/mo -500000 form views/mo, all features, 1 free custom template
  • Three: $35/mo – 1million form views, all Pro features, 2 free custom template

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