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>>> pCloud – Offers file storage in a remote data center – A Cloud Storage enable you to tidy space on your computer by extending your hard drive capacity into virtual space


>>> Why pCloud is believed to use?

1/File Sharing

The Free experience with multi-file sharinf choices via the pCloud Apps and the web interface. Regardless you collaborate with pCloud users or not, you can send all file to anywhere you want.

2/ Best Security

pCloud has the upgrated TLS/SSL encryption, performed whenever your infromation is driven from your device to the pCloud servers. In pCloud data security is our high importance & we make best to apply class safety measures

  • Your files will be protected on at least 3 server location – a highest safe zone -Your important files encrypted and password secured

3/Unlimited Ability

  • Unlimited File Size : You don’t need to worry about the huge size or any type of files, derectly to you account. You’ll feel pleased when can store Up To Hundreds of HD Videos in the cloud. Most of the other cloud storage services will not accomplish, so this is one of the BEST FUNCTIONS to pCloud servers you.
  • Unlimited Upload & High Speed : All file upload and download based on the speed and depend on your Internet provider. BUT with pCloud Drive, our synchronization speeds will be mannually limited by you – No matter you are Free or Premium user, the web platform and applications will not make in any way, limit your upload or download speeds

4/ Poweful Synchronization

Your phone or desktop break or be lost, at this time you want your necessary files are instantly backed up anytime. By using data synchronization and backup, you can have peace of mind about your valuable file of security.

5/Great Management

No matter a huge amount of files you have in the pCloud, how much space you use in the cloud – through web, desktop or mobile – your file will be managed strictly.

6/ Special File Versioning

pCloud stores versions will help you to search a previous version of your work, break into your previous actions and simply monitor every activities in the cloud

>>> The Soft Price

  • Premium 500 GB : $3.99/month
  • Premium Plus 2TB : $7.99/month

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