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1/ Obtain Perspective

Remove the inefficient activities, manage your time closely and efficiently.

2/ Establish Targets

Generate a target as spending less than 1 hour each day on social media and email to increase your focus.

3/ Take Action

Put an alarm to remind you that everytime you use Facebook more than 2 hours..

4/ Detailed Reports

Show which applications and websites you’re using. Indicating how much time you waste in multi-categories, how productive you were and whether you gained your targets

5/ Email Summary Weekly

Keep informed with a detail email report that concluding your assignments and productivity score. Review your report to set a better plan for the next week.

6/ Establish New Target everyday

Prepare new goals to monitor and promote your productivity. See your progress on your dashboard, by using your weekly email report, and in your goals report.

7/ Score for Achievements

All assignments are automatically categorized with built-in productivity scores covering unlimited websites and programs. Morever, you can change schedules and productivitys cores gain your needs

8/ Awesome – Premium Features

  • Block Distracting Sites : Do you wish to eliminate the distracting from Internet? Now It’s come true!! Select a number of time you want to focus and Our RescueTime will block access to distracting website real-time.
  • Monitor Offline Activity: This Premium Feature allow you to log offline time for meetings, phone calls, and even your morning commute

  • Waste Alerts: you have to give alerts to remind you for about anything, such as : spending too much time on 1 unnecessary activity or help you more productive this day.
  • Daily HighLights :

Mark Highlights about helpful activities you completed throughout one day. Thank to an easy method to put context around your time, you’ll never be stuck in a status meeting anymore

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Monthly : $9 /month

Annual : $72/year ( bonus 4 months free)

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