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1/ Wonderful Email Templates

Save constantly sent email, share it with team and collect valuable engagement data, minimize your time wasted

2/Advanced Email Campaign

Send personalized – merge email to multiple accounts at once and gain engagement analytics with just 3 easy steps.

Organize your campaigns strictly, monitor how many emails failed to get delivered, hence you can review the rate of bounced emails to have better solutions.

3/ Fast-Auto Follow Up

Follow-up automatically to personalized emails or email campaigns, boost email seen and reply with rate by 10X

4/ Exactly Email Monitoring

You can track frequently emails withou any limit, view notifications and unique template inside you Gmail and Outlook interface.

5/ Document Tracking

You’ll able to send, manage, engage, share sales collateral with with available information analytics

6/ Arranging Email

Categorize emails to be sent at once when they can prefer read than the othertime.

Choose the smart time-zone to get more viwers

7/ Are Trusted to Use by thousands of professionals

Promote Growth by Empowering your team to quickly conquer their set goals

Maximize the efficiency and potential emails, business collaterals offering it and higher reach.

8/ Setup to Accelerates your Productivity

SaleHandy is relevant and woderful for: Sale professionals, Marketers, HR Recruiters, Bloggers, Realtors and Freelancers

>>> Affordable Price

  • Free : free forever ( Unlimited email tracking)
  • Regular : $7/month ( document tracking + mail Merge)
  • Plus :       $16/user/month (Mail Merge with Auto Follow-Ups)
  • EnterPrise:  $40/user/month( All features + High Volume Campaigns)

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