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1/ Personalize your interesting content

  • Build linking multi-media lectures: add video, image,text,…Import content simply from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Create awesome website:  build new pages on Teachable, by using our intuitive drag & drop builder


  • Use directly on any device from desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • Modify any aspect of your shool : you can dig into the code & make advanced customizations
  • Reach students over the world in any language: can support all international audiences

2/ Good Learning Tools-Enhance the learning experience and create an engaged student community

  • Create Quiz simply with native feature to reinforce learning, check in on your students’ progress
  • Discussion forums: Answer and explain all questions within your lectures by our native comments feature

3/ Marketing – Avail all variety of built-in marketing tools to boost your business


4/ Participate in thousands of teacher everyday by using Teachable

5/Analytics – Receive insights right-time into your school with built-in reporting tools

6/Hosting % Security – Access to a professional team finding              out for your school

>>> The Affordable Price

  • Basic :$29/month
  • Professional :$79/month
  • Business:  $399/month

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