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>>> TimeDoctor – Manage Your Time Efficiently for Remote Teams

>>> Why is TimeDoctor?

1/ Constantly Time Tracking

View how much time you spent on working and time wasted by everyone on your team. Also, offer you a breakdown by client, project and task. Notify the unnecessary activities.

2/ Chat Monitoring Closely

Review your time is spent in meetings or on calls, with whom, and view the wasted time on unnecessary conversions, and how mush productivity is missed

3/ Screenshots

Automated screenshots increase the track activities precisely. Detect time wasting and harmful distractions. Screenshots are just performed when any members in your team notice that they’re working to restrict privacy concerns

4/ Client Feature

Offer your clients connect directly to TimeDoctor without any cost, so your clients’ access can be white-labeled with your branding, can be show on your own company’s domain. Your clients will also see screenshots and reports of tasks workd on.

5/ Strongful ReportsĀ 

Collect the daily and weekly reports with hours, websites and application usage, task, client breakdown and more. This feature lets you notice the bad productivity and give solutions to handle quickly.

6/ Web & App usage

View and monitor specific app usage, additionally how much time on specific websites. When anyone is spending too much time on Social Media pulled up, you can manage all that.

7/ Payroll

Calculate exactly payroll, based on repaired salaries or on time monitored with Time Doctor. Not only administrate client billing, but aslo employee pay down to the minutes.

8/ OFF Tracks Notifications – Nudges when visiting non-work related sites

9/ Time Used AlertsĀ 

Employees gain pop-up alerts when they sit idle too long of if keep onto a non-work app or website. A visit to Reddit is interrupted by a pop-up asking” Are you still working”

10/ Web Cam Shots

Show constanly camera shots of employees during they’re working.

>>> The Amazing Price

>< Only $9,99 / user per month

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