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>>> Why is The TubeBuddy?

1/ Wonderful productivity Tools

Advanced Vide Embedding – Generate embed codes with all choices for adding videos or playlists to website

  • Youtube is restricted when only offers you a few basic choices for embedding video & playlist
  • You need to change the overview of your embedded video or playlist
  • Don’t like visit the video watch page to gain the embed code for your unique video

Canned Responses : Use pre-written content in multiple prospects of Youtube

Card Templates: Put any videos like a Card Template, nextly apply simply its Cards to New Uploads

Comment Filters : Schedule quickly a great amounts of comments with our Pro filtering Choices

Default Upload Profiles : Generate a huge amount of Default Upload Profiles for every type of video you created

2/ Bulk Processing Tools

  • Bulk Copy Cards : make the process of copying Cards automatically through few of every of your video
  • Bulk Copy End Screen, Bulk Delete Cards, Bulk Find-Replace-Append, Bulk Thumbnail Overlays, Bulk Update Cards,…so on…

3/ Video SEO Tools

  • Translate Global video content, description and Tags into other languages to boost worldwide audiences
  • Best practice Audit : checks to secure you’re following precisely YouTube’s Suggestions
  • Captions Service : Create stunning transcribed captions into your videos.
  • Insta-Suggest, Keyword Rank Tracking, Chance Finder, Search Explorer & ranking,..Much more

4/ Increase Promotion

  • Description Promotion : Optimize efficiently your videos in nice descriptions
  • You need to customize simply viewers of your old videos to your latest upload, perform an old video which is suiltable for trending themes
  • Become a Winner : Choose any user who commented on one of your videos

5/ Get Data and Research Tools

  • Brand Alert : Track YouTube for updated videos, playlist and channels uploaded about you
  • Channel Access: Attract potential peopleo access to your TubeBuddy Account
  • Channel Valuation :  Show off your great Valuation and Brand Deal Worths through SocialBlueBook.com
  • Channel Backup, Channelytics, Comment Word Cloud, Competitor Scorecard, Competitor Upload Alerts,..

> The newest price

  • Pro : $9/month
  • Star : $19/month
  • Legend : $49/month

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